La Marine® would like to inform you that as a result of their success, a number of our sandals have been the subject of counterfeit copies.

The commitments we have entered into require us to defend the interests of our customers and those of our craftsmen.

Under no circumstances will our brand allow reckless manufacturers or resellers to unscrupulously use its designs to gain personal enrichment.

No reasons or arguments may justify:

- Benefiting from the work of dozens of employees for individual commercial gain,
- Benefiting from our brand image,
- Tarnishing this image by selling low quality goods,
- Fuelling unfair competition in the producer countries with no consideration or respect for craftsmen and clients.

Indeed, improvements to the craftsmen's conditions and technological improvements to our sandals (in addition to the rising cost of materials and transport) have caused their breakeven price to double in 15 years.

La Marine® will therefore take all necessary measures to guarantee and preserve the conditions and advantages of those it holds dear including its sales, management and design teams, its resellers, its clients and above all its craftsmen.

Please be aware that all La Marine® models are original registered designs, distributed uniquely through the network of La Marine® resellers. We reserve the right to refer the matter to the competent courts in the event that we discover the existence of products which are obviously counterfeit, whether in whole or in part.

The only way to be sure of buying an authentic pair of Marines is to refer to the list of sales outlets in the "Resellers" section of the website.

Photo de semelle La Marine