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Style your walk

String Tong histoire et concept

Introducing a unique, dynamic concept, STRING TONG was created in 2007 by M. Cédric Cador. This cool and original French brand has already sent shock waves through the international fashion scene, seeing its reputation soar along all of the hottest coastlines.

Your brand new walk


Who could have imagined a pair of tongs with the flexibility of a self-adjusting elastic strap? One which adjusts to every one of your movements, giving your feet that feeling of new-found freedom? Watch out- no shoe will ever feel the same again once you’ve tried the STRING TONG!

Color your walk

Color your walk

String Tong grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, offering a range of graphic print soles and unique accessories. From the busy streets of Paris to the vast expanses of the Australian coast, women around the world are giving into their desires and proudly wearing their String Tongs.

Walk the line

Since its first appearance at the world-famous “Who’s Next” fashion show in Paris in 2007, STRING TONG has branched out to conquer the European market through its existing network in France, its exclusive distributors in Italy, Spain and Greece and through regular appearances in the hottest fashion shows. The first of the collection to win over the fashion world was the “Classic”, with an adjustable loop that fit the straps perfectly to your feet. From then on, STRING TONG has gone from strength to strength with a variety of new and innovative lacing systems, all made exclusively from natural rubber. The company is proud to work in Thailand, the number one producer of natural rubber in the world.

String tong adventure...

With their original concept, the String Tong brand quickly caught the eye of M. Hernandez Eric, himself the creator of a rapidly expanding innovative sandal concept. Alongside String Tong, the widely respected La Marine brand embarked on a collaboration to furthertheir own strong identities and alternative creative visions. When they met, both creators and manufacturers brought the two beautifully matched brands together, bringing a “relaxed and refined” style for La Marine and a “chic and trendy” style for String Tong. The agreements and the purchase of String Tong by La Marine were finally signed in 2014.


Wear a philosophy

Both La Marine and String Tong’s products are all made in small-scale workshops and are directly co-managed by the local workshop managers and the brand teams in France (checks, creation, guidance, financing, training, etc.). Sub-contracting is not an option, and oversight is constant and careful. You can find all of La Marine’s commitments and ethics codes which guarantee our artisans a good standard of life in their country. The team is pulling out all the stops to apply these same standards to the String Tong workshop, the newest addition to the company.