Sandal La Marine METIS Limited

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The Classic : craft braided sandals collection

Reference SLM177W METIS Limited flat sole

Color : Seaside

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Specific notes about this Model: classic flat sole

-       Universal fit: suits all types of feet, from slim to medium feet.

-       Laces at the back and on both sides of the heel enable you to finely adjust the model to your feet > by separating the 3 laces along the main braid and pulling them forward (ensure you do not pull them back- you need to make surethat there is some slack in the braid at the heel).  Gently tighten the laces across the top of your foot.

-       Always put your Marines on by sliding the front braid over your foot.  Once the braids are adjusted over your foot and your foot is positioned right at the front of the sole, you can pull the braid at the back of the heel.  Doing it this way feels a little awkward at first, but will be a breeze once the braids are adapted to your feet.  You will then be able to maintain the Marines’ custom fit for your feet.

Technical characteristics for a flat sole Marine sandal:

  • Lightness: 140g per foot (reference weight for a size 38 wedge heel Marine)
  • Flexibility: an outer sole in flexible, robust and non-slip rubber
  • Cushioning: a flexible and resistant cushioning rubber tree foam
  • Upper: a polyester braid which provides exceptional hold with no feeling of pressure on your foot (the braid can be extended and adapted)
  • Insole: a high quality synthetic coating which reduces sweating and slipping
  • Colours: they don’t fade, no matter where you wear them (resistant to sea water and sunlight)

Data sheet

  • Genre Femme
  • Lacets montant Avec ou Sans Lacets Montants Cheville
  • Modèle Les marines
  • Prise orteils Sans prise orteils
  • Talon Talon plat

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