String Tong MULE CHAIN Psyche

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String Tong Sandals

Reference String Tong MULE CHAIN Psyche

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       Specific notes about this Model: String Tong Sandals

        -       Universal fit: suits all types of feet, from slim to wide feet.

        -       Certain jewels, such as the pearls on the upper foot or the items at the back of the heel, can be used to tighten or reposition the elastic straps and   improve the sandal’s comfort and hold. 

        -       The fit is extremely adaptable, thanks to the almost exclusive use of elastic in its design.  This is why the String Tong is available in double sizes: S (36-37) / M (38-39) / L (40-41) and XL (42-43).

        Technical characteristics for the models in the String Tong collection:

  • Lightness: between 130g and 150g per foot (reference weight for a size M / 38-39 String Tong)
  • Flexibility: Natural rubber and EVA, the perfect blend for an extraordinarily light sole
  • Cushioning: a cushioning rubber tree foam (wedge heels are not flexible, so you will feel it more when you’re walking than with a flat sole), with a slight foot arch to improve comfort
  • Upper:

        - Elastic loops made from natural Rubber and Polyester (TESTEX approved), perfectly adapted for great hold and maximum flexibility

       - Sole edging, toe straps and all finishes in stitched PVC

       - Metallic accessories (Nickel Free) and painted plastic accessories, in compliance with the REACH (EU) standards

  • Insole: our secret formula provides unbelievable lightness, suppleness and durability.  The sole is hand-printed, colour by colour (INTERTEX certified), and the edging is in PVC   

         The elastic colours: they won’t fade and will stand up to whatever you throw at them

Data sheet

  • Genre Femme
  • Lacets montant Sans lacet montant sur la cheville
  • Modèle Les Stringtongs
  • Prise orteils Sans prise orteils
  • Talon Talon plat

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