Sandale La Marine NAÏA

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The Classic: craft braided sandals collection

Reference SLM149V NAIA

Color: Blue / Green

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Specific notes about this Model: classic flat sole

-       Universal fit: suits all types of feet, from slim to medium feet.

-       Laces at the back and on both sides of the heel enable you to finely adjust the model to your feet > by separating the 3 laces along the main braid and pulling them forward (ensure you do not pull them back- you need to make surethat there is some slack in the braid at the heel).  Gently tighten the laces across the top of your foot.

Data sheet

  • Genre Femme
  • Lacets montant Sans lacet montant sur la cheville
  • Modèle Les marines
  • Prise orteils Prise orteils
  • Talon Talon plat